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Teddy's Story - Dermal-O3 and Happy Claws - Happy Paws.
French Bull Dog. He was so close to losing a toe whilst exhibiting many of the symptoms of SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy).  Ace Canine Dermal O3.
We've Got Crumble
We’ve got Crumble! We’ve been following the journey of Pudding our 4th Guide Dog sponsor puppy for the last year, Pudding is now partnered with Jan...
Fireworks Are Coming
Firework season is heart-breaking for some dog owners.      We know that even with desensitisation plans and following the well documented guidanc...
Dogs and Congestive Heart Failure
Dogs and Congestive Heart Failure At our Ace Canine office congestive heart failure especially Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is almost a daily enq...
Grass Seeds
They may create a pretty and tactile county scene gently waving in the breeze but grass seeds are a nuisance causing a huge number of injuries an...
Kali's Happy Story
At Ace Canine we are all about dogs, their health, happiness, fitness, safety, comfort, wellbeing and of course tail wagging potential.  This is Ka...
Tick Season 🤢
  We’ve been wishing for a little sunshine, a few less puddles and the option to walk without getting mud splattered on every outing.  Our sunshine...
Spring Things
Hooray.  Longer lighter, evenings and hopefully some sunshine in the next few weeks accompanied by a flurry of happy spring flowers, trips out and ...
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