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Crumble News. The Guide Dog Puppy Ace Canine Sponsor.
We are delighted to share the photos and video of the Guide Dog Puppy Ace Canine help sponsor, the lovely Crumble.
We've Got Crumble
We’ve got Crumble! We’ve been following the journey of Pudding our 4th Guide Dog sponsor puppy for the last year, Pudding is now partnered with Jan...
Pudding - A Qualified Guide Dog
Congratulations Pudding.  She's qualified as a fully fledged Guide Dog and been partnered with Jane, Pudding is in safe hands as she's Jane's third...
A Portion of Pudding News
A Portion of Pudding Pudding is the Trainee Guide Dog puppy we help to sponsor.  She’s making amazing progress on her learning journey.  Watching h...
Happy Christmas from Pudding and the Guide Dog Puppy Training team 🎄
We've received this lovely photo of Pudding the Guide Dog puppy we sponsor  and a link to the Guide Dog Puppy Christmas video we thought we'd share...
Update on our sponsored Guide Dog puppy - Time for school Pudding
Pudding is making super progress on her journey to be a Guide Dog, this is her latest news. Pudding’s first week  Pudding settled into the new en...
Meet Pudding Ace Canine's 3rd sponsored Guide Dog puppy
Pudding Ace Canine's sponsored Guide Dog puppy.
Joy, Time For A Pupdate
Almost a year ago we at Ace Canine decided to sponsor a puppy through Guide Dog Training & here is the latest photo of her, looking so much mo...
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