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These tablets are brilliant. My pooch had a few problems with a limp and now absolutely fine. Very happy

That's a great update Jackie, thank you for letting us know and for taking the time to leave a review.
Sending our best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Flex sprinkles

Very pleased with service from Ace Canine. As we hadn’t received our order, they immediately sent replacement.

Thank you Linda.
The Ace Canine team.


Been using your granules for several years now, dogs thrive on it/

Thank you for your review and 5 stars.
Best wishes Ace Canine.

Carnicare - L Carnitine and Taurine amino acid supplement for your dog's healthy heart
Pauline Tompkins

Amazing difference with my dog

Thank you for the update, that's great news and thank you for taking the time to review.
Team Ace Canine.

Anne Sheehan
Quick delivery

Speedy delivery, happy with the settlers

Thank you for your happy review.
The Ace Canine Team.

Kathryn Johns
Helped our Jack Russell cope with the bangs and whistles of bonfire night

We started Doodle on Settlers about 2 weeks before November 5th and it made a big difference. He was much calmer through all the bangs and whistles. Previously he’d have tried hiding under our bed but this year was comfortable sitting downstairs with us, either on a lap or next to one of us on the sofa.

As always, Ace Canine dispatched our order promptly. We’ve never had anything but excellent service from them.

Thank you for sharing Doodle's experience with us, we're so pleased to know he had a much more comfortable fireworks season, much less stressful for everyone.
Please give Doodle an ear scratch from the Ace Canine Team.

Excellent product

I've been using this product for several years now and find it keeps my dogs teeth lovely and clean.

Thank you for our 5 stars and the happy clean teeth update.

Flex sprinkles

Amazing product

Thank you!


I purchased this for my Boxer, who has allergies to multiple things. It has helped his skin, and although he still has the odd breakthrough lesion, it has helped a lot. He has only been taking it for a short time and, hopefully, things will only continue to improve the longer he takes it.
I tend to open the capsule and sprinkle on his food, so it's easy to give.

That's a very happy update, thank you for sharing with us.
The Ace Canine Team.

Excellent product

Our vet s always impressed at how our dogs' teeth have little plaque especially as one is 10 years old and been on it all his life!
Thank you also for the 2 free iFlex for humans containers (size discontinued you advised) - really appreciate the kind thought for my customer loyalty:-)

Thank you for taking the time to review. PlaqueAway works wonders. We're looking forward to a human joint update in a month or so.
Best wishes Team Ace.

stephen lawrence
Eyes on the prize

Scooby eyes aren’t any worse

Good job Scooby. Thank you for the update and for taking the time to review.
Ace Canine Team.

Excellent product.

I use Hypocillin for general cleansing of my Boxer's facial skin folds, between his toes, and any hot spots that pop up. Very safe to use too, which is reassuring.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience with Hypocillin and for our 5 stars. We appreciate you taking the time to review.
With best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Flex Sprinkles

Superb service and rapid delivery. My 8 and 9 year old Lurchers love the flavour and appear to not have any joint or muscle pain. Thank you.

That's a ray of sunshine for us here. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how your lurchers respond to our product.

David Bond
Eye drops are helping our Mimi

I think that the clarifye are certainly helping Mimi and they are helping with her dry eyes.

Great news from Mimi, thanks David for letting us know.

Carnicare - L Carnitine and Taurine amino acid supplement for your dog's healthy heart
Olympia Zacharakis
Excellent product and services

I have been buying the Carnicare and green mussel powder for my 18 years young beloved Misty ( white Pekingese) and I am happy with the results. She has congenital heart failure second degree, she is on homeopathic treatment with some supplements for her joints. I support her all the way as natural as possible and she will decide when she wishes to depart from this plane …. I love her unconditionally till her to last breath and will do anything to support her… thank you your great produbys and services

Hello Olympia and Misty. Thank you for your review and 5 stars, we love hearing how our products are making a difference, thank you for sharing your story.
Best wishes Ace Canine.

Dermal O3 Itchy dogs

I’ve been using this on my itchy dog, it’s definitely made a difference he’s less itch, which is nice for him and his skin is less pink, definitely a better option than using steroids. it’s easy to use as I break the capsules open and mix the powder into his dinner.

Dermal is a fabulous product, we're really proud of the number of dogs its supporting. Thank you for your review and 5 stars. You've made the Ace office team skip this evening.

Hypocillin Antiseptic - wounds & skin

Love this product, ideal for cuts and skin irritation, I’ve used this on my dog who gets very itch around Sept/ Oct time probably due to harvest mites, this product really helped, it brought me peace of mind knowing it was safe if he licked it and at the same time helped to protect from infection. I even used it on myself when we were away. It’s so easy to use with both the spray or direct jet action.

Thank you for your Hypocillin review, its is one of our lesser known products but is safe and useful in so many ways. We're really pleased to know its been helping both you and your dog. Sending happy evening wishes - Ace Canine Team

Great product

Fantastic product at a honest price, I use this and the odd raw bone and the dogs teeth are great, saves on expensive dental work.

Hello Ava. Thank you for taking the time to review, we really appreciate the feedback and 5 stars. The Ace Canine Team.


I've used this product for several years, having searched for Cetyl Myristoleate for my dogs, having used it myself for years and benefiting hugely from it, firstly, for my aging Greyhounds and now for my Whippet/Bedlingtons, it really does give them great mobility and now it also has green lipped mussel included, it's next level!

⭐️ Thank you for your fabulous review Melanie, we really do appreciate it. Please give your canine family tummy rubs from the Ace Team.

Christopher Lamb

We noticed within a couple of weeks the cloudy eyes had cleared the grey is still there causing poor eyesight but a definite improvement in our dog’s eyesight.

Thank you for the progress report, we're really pleased to know there is improvement showing. Thank you for your orders and our 5 stars.
Best wishes Ace Canine.

Pet Care Products

Good communication

Good morning
I'm really pleased to see both Clarifye deliveries are now with you after Royal Mail delayed the first order. Thank you for taking the time to review. Best wishes Ace Canine.

Flex SprinkleCaps
Lina Linak

Flex SprinkleCaps

Thank you for sending us 5 stars, we really do appreciate it.
Happy weekend.
The Ace Canine Team

Margaret James
Clarify for dogs

Been using it for around two week and can certainly see an improvement.

That's happy news, thank you for taking the time to update us and for your 5 star review.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

I was convinced by a dog.

My brother told me about his very ill, arthritic collie dog and how he was doing amazingly well on New Zealand Green lipped mussels extract. Then he told me he was taking the human version and also doing well on it. He persuaded me to take it and, after some hesitation, I did. I’ve been on it for at least six months now and am pain free. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Good evening Myrta. Ok, we're skipping about the office with your review.
Thank you for letting us know and well done your brother for sharing his i-Flex knowledge. It is one of our lesser known products but just like FlexSprinkle, has some superb results.
Sending our best wishes.
The Ace Canine Team.

Phillippa Smith
Great service

I bought BiotinMax to help improve my Labs broken nail. It’s too early to tell if it has helped but bought as a supplement to go along side natural foods containing biotin, as a boost.
I was really pleased with the speed of dispatch and delivery, which meant I could start straight away. Thanks.

Please let us know progress on your Lab's broken nails. Thank you for taking the time to review and for our 5 stars.
Sending our best wishes.
The Ace Canine Team.

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