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Thank you! No more words needed.
The Ace Canine Team.

Great customer service

I haven't had the product plaque away long enough to comment but my dog has no problems with it on his food.
I had to contact customer services and they were absolutely, excellent sorting out my problem. 5 stars plus ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A happy dog and a happy owner, we can ask no more. Thank you for taking the time to review, do let us know progress in a month or two.
Sending best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Epimmune worked instantly

I left it nearly 3 weeks before leaving a review on using Emmiune for my Greyhound Betty because I couldn’t believe how instantly it stopped Betty’s terrible smelly bum🤢 and her body smell. It’s worth every penny not having to put up with Betty’s smelly bum and her poos aren’t so soft.
I highly recommend this product.😃

Serbacious cyst cleansing

Please with product

Thank you for taking the time to review. Hypocillin is a very easy and kind product to use with excellent results.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.

Carol Vaisanen
Thank you

I received the product recently, but it’s too soon to know if I get the results I am hoping for. The product, Clarifye seems gently and easy to apply. Thank you.

Thank you for the update, please let us know progress in a few weeks time.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

Parker Maureen

To soon to see if medication works yet. Service excellent thankyou.

Good morning, thank you for your review. Please let us know progress.
Happy Friday
Ace Canine.

This really helped

My 4 yr old giant schnauzer has SLO and I saw this ad on a Facebook group and decided to try it. I bought 2 90 count bottles and used this instead of the doxycycline and Nicinimide prescribed by vet. Murphy’s nails seemed to improve over the few months. When I ran out several weeks ago, I substituted with nicinimide, vitamin e and fish oil supplements. Murphy started to get itchy again right away AND I just noticed this past week his nails are more flakey again. 💯 believe in this product and will continue to buy from now on!

This is our happy, skip around the office review, thank you for sharing, we're very pleased to know Dermal O3 is keeping Murphy comfortable. Please give him a tummy rub from the Ace Canine Team.
Sending best wishes.

Amazing qualities

Used this to help reduce inflammation after surgery on my dogs back

Hello there,

We're so glad to hear that our Flex Sprinkles have been helpful for your dog after their surgery. We strive to provide high-quality products that promote joint health and we're thrilled to know that it has made a positive impact on your dog. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and we hope your dog makes a speedy recovery.
Best wishes.
The Ace Canine Team.

Good service

Very quick delivery and communication. Hopefully will do the job as I know green lipped mussels works.

Thank you for your review Wendy. We're glad to hear that you had a positive experience with our service and that the delivery was speedy. We look forward to an update on your dog's progresses on Flex Sprinkles. Thank you for choosing our product.
The Ace Canine Team

Dermal 03 helped my dog recover from poor fur condition and loss of hair in patches where she had been bitten by mosquitos. Excellent product.

That's just what Dermal o3 is designed to do, thank you for letting us know and for our 5 stars.
Best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

Lesley Eves
Good service

Good quick service.

Thank you for choosing Settlers and thank you for your happy review! We aim to provide excellent customer care for our human and canine clients with every order, we appreciate your feedback.
The Ace Canine Team.


I feel that my dog is making progress using this - I still am in early days but things look good.

Thank you for your update and taking the time to review. Please let us know progress and if you have any questions.
Best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Much stronger nails.

Last summer my dog began losing nails, and they were all looking weak and flaky. Initially no-one could explain why, until an experienced vet told us about SLO and suggested using biotin. I found Dermol 03 while researching and we started using Dermol03. In combination with regular nail clipping, his claws are now looking much stronger and no more have fallen off since last summer. Delivery is always quick and reliable.

Thank you for your super review and for choosing Dermal o3 for your dog's nails, we are so glad to hear that our product has been helpful in strengthening your dog's nails and preventing further loss, its doing just what it was designed for. Please give him an ear scratch from the Ace team.

So far so good

Her eyes are already a little bit more clear, they are definitely shiny. Still a little bit foggy, but I can see more of the brown color in one of her eyes. I don't expect it to cure her cataracts, but I do see a difference.

Thank you for the update Elaine, that's great news, we're pleased to know Clarifye is helping. Thank you for taking the time to review and for our 5 stars.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.

Cliff Bichan
Great product

I have a 19 year old collie. Five years ago the vet put him on Loxicom which helped his joints but after a long walk he was still sore. A friend told us about i-Flex and we have had great results even stopped the Loxicom. My wife and I plus at lease five other folk I recommended to use I-Flex all use the human version and are really pleased with it. I am sure I would have had a hip replacement by now if I had not been using it!

Thank you for your iFlex orders and our 5 stars.

Óptimo produto.

Já conheço há vários anos pois os dois cães que tive sempre tomaram Trimega.
Só recebi os produtos dia 19 de Janeiro pois o pacote ficou retido na alfândega.

Obrigado pela sua avaliação.
Muitas felicidades
Ace Canine

Joint tablets

Dog doing well on flexes tablets and good price

Morning Jackie. That's great news, thank you for taking the time to review and for our 5 stars.
Ace Canine Team.

Amazing for jointcare!!! Bonnie loves the FLEX (mussel) sprinkles!

Excellent product / supplement for doggies. Bonnie loves the taste and it’s great for her joints. Win, win! She’s an active dog always on the move, so this is a top addition to her meals. Thank you Ace Canine!

Welcome to Ace Canine Bonnie and Joseph. We're very pleased with our 5 star review, thank you and to know that Bonnie is enjoying FlexSprinkles, they are just what a busy Westie needs.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.

Flex sprinkles lipped muscle joint are for dogs

Dogs have only been on this product a couple of weeks so hard to say what effect it’s having yet. Dogs are quite happy with it on their food.

Thank you for taking the time to review and update us, please let us know progress.
Happy evening
Ace Canine Team.

This tablet was like a miracle for our Black Labrador. He developed a limp and we tried other well known brands that did absolutely nothing for him. A fellow dog walker suggested FlexCel so we gave them a try. Gave him 4 tablets a day for first 3/4 weeks and within 1 week the limp had gone
We then reduced the tablets and now he takes 2 a day every day
I can’t say they will work for everyone’s pet but they 100% did for ours 👍

Thank you for taking the time to review our Flexcel product, we're so pleased to know your Lab has got his smile back and no doubt a busy tail.
Best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Lily Stock
Amazing stuff

Last winter my springer spaniel spilt her nails 5 different times and has always struggled with really sensitive paws. I’ve used this supplement since and her claws are stronger than ever

BiotinMax was designed to support this nail problem, we're so pleased to know your spaniel has happy claws again and is hopefully back being a busy Springer. Thank you for taking the time to review, we really do appreciate it.


Great product, our dog was suffering with joint issues and unable to walk far. A couple of weeks talking flex and he has Improved drastically. No longer in pain after his walks, and we are slowly increasing the distance he walks. Very happy with product.

Thank you for the fabulous update Mark, that's Flex doing its job! We wish you many longer walks with a happy tail.
The Ace Canine Team.

Louise Symons

Seems comfortable to use as it takes so long to take effect will have to wait to review the results

Thank you for the update Louise. Please let us know progress and if you have any questions.

Ace Canine Team.

Tonya Edwards
New Eyes Prayer

great customer service!

Please let us know progress. Thank you you for your review.
Best wishes
Team Ace Canine.

These tablets are brilliant. My pooch had a few problems with a limp and now absolutely fine. Very happy

That's a great update Jackie, thank you for letting us know and for taking the time to leave a review.
Sending our best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

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