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My greyhound suffers from SLO and lost two toenails at the end of last year. Shortly after that flare-up, we started her on this supplement and she's never had a repeat, the vet even commented on her last visit that her nails are looking very healthy. Very happy with the product and would recommend it to any greyhound owner with a hound suffering from SLO.

Hello Matt

Thank you for sharing the update on your Greyhound, we're really happy to know she's making great progress and no doubt feeling happier in herself too. Thank you for our 5 stars and for taking the time to review.
Sending best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

Flex SprinkleCaps
Suzanne Leitch
Best supplements I’ve tried

Having two large, senior dogs with arthritis I’ve tried many supplements & Ace Canine are the best. We have received many positive comments about how sprightly our two still are, even though they are both over 12.

Thank you Suzanne, that's our skip around the office, super review of the day. We love hearing Flex is putting a spring in their step and keeping your oldies sprightly. Give them a hug from us.
Best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

Great product

We were recommended this over 11 years ago now by a kiwi vet, our dogs are still very mobile despite their age, no doubt sprinkles & now Librela injections are keeping our 14 & 16 yr old Labradors moving

Hello Liz

Thank you for taking the time to review. Please give those oldies a a big cuddle from us. It is great to hear FlexSprinkle initially, now layered with Librela is keeping them comfortable and hopefully their tails wagging.
With best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

Great service but Carnicare not very tasty

Great service from the website but my dog doesn't find it tasty. He will usually eat any tablets/capsule/meds straight from the hand/syringe but not this. I splash it on his kibble and he will eat it then.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know. With best wishes
Ace Canine.

Great service

Fast free delivery. Can't fault product or service

Thank you Jenni, we really appreciate the feedback and five ⭐️. Thank you for your custom.
With best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

Fabulous ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Although I’ve only been giving them to my dog for about six weeks I can already see his toe nails growing back normally the added bonus with this product for my dog is he suffers with itchy skin, he’s very sensitive and they have helped with both conditions. So far so good very happy customer. Thank you five star plus the customer service is brilliant and have always got time to advise and help 👌🏻✨✨

That's excellent progress David, bearing in mind that it can take up to a year for a nail to grow out fully & a bonus that his skin condition is improving. Very grateful for the update, from us all @ Ace Canine

Joe Vidal
Clarifye Drops

So far it’s too early to tell if these drops are working. I see a slight change in my dogs eyes but it’s too soon to tell if the cataracts are clearing up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you for your review and 5 stars. We're very pleased to hear your dog's progress. Please keep us posted. Best wishes. Ace Canine.

Finger crossed its working!

It is too soon to write a review yet, but I think there is decreased foot gnawing!

Thank you for the update. Please let us know progress.
Best wishes
Ace Canine Team

Flex Jointcare Tablets

Thank you for taking the time to post 5 stars, we really do appreciate it.
Best wishes Ace Canine.

excellent product

have been giving my dog the sprinkles for years now, and it does help her joints and keeps her running around like a two year old

What a happy tail, thank you for sharing.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

L Caddick
Excellent Results, So Far!

One of our dogs, who is 12 years old has a cataract in each eye, one worse than the other. We were extremely nervous of him having a cataract operation at his age, we were also told that there is no guarantee that he would be able to see after going through surgery. We started Clarifeye on 31st March this year and so far so good. The better eye looks a lot clearer and brighter and the other one does look a bit better. I don’t know if we are seeing what we want to see or that they are better but fingers crossed 🤞 it continues to improve.
Thank you for the chance to help his eyesight

Thank you for sharing your Clarifye journey with us, that's a fabulous update. Please can you tell us more in another month, we'd like to know progress. Thank you for taking the time to review and for our 5 stars.
Best wishes
Team Ace Canine.

Best product EVER.

Wouldn't be without this product for our large breed Dog. Scoop every day, bit more added when his joints are stiffer. Also love the personal touch. Hand written thank you for being a loyal customer, AND points to collect on each purchase, that you can redeem for money off. 5* service

Hello Katy, please give that large dog of yours a tummy rub from us. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for the 5 stars. We love knowing our FlexSprinkle is making his life more comfortable.
With best wishes
Ace Canine Team.

Great improvement, thank you!

My 10 year old dog has the condition where his body attacks his nails/nailbeds, he was really awful, but he has had these for nearly ,3 weeks and he rarely licks his paws! I open the capsule and sprinkle on his raw food with cod liver oil, such a life saver! He is so much more comfortable than he was

Hello Sarah,
That's such happy news for a very wet Wednesday. Thank you for sharing the progress of your dog on DermalO3 with us, we're so pleased to know he's more comfortable and hopefully less distressed with it too. Give him a cuddle from the Ace Canine team please. Thank you for taking the time to review.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

Excellent Service

Order came so quickly , very impressed. Thank you.

We aim to please..... Thank you for our 5 stars and your PlaqueAway orders.
Best wishes
Ace Canine Team

Kathryn Johns
Excellent product

Our 13 year old Jack Russell has been having these drops for 2 weeks now and we’re already noticing a big difference. He can catch small kibble treats in the air again and his eyes definitely look better. We were worried we would find it hard to apply the drops but after watching the video that hasn’t been the case at all. Buzz happily has his eye drops followed by some liver paste😏 and we will definitely continue.

Thank you for sharing your JR's progress and for our 5 stars, that's made this soggy BH Monday a very happy one. Please keep us updated.
best wishes
Ace Canine.

Excellent service and prompt delivery.

I have used a well known and trusted tablet for some time now but I believe that the powdered Flex Sprinkles are not only more easily digested by our dog but that they are also making a noticable positive difference. Thankyou.

That's a very happy review John and everything we want to hear, thank you for letting us know and for taking the time to send feedback.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

It Really Works

We have been using these eye drops for a few months now and our dogs eyes seem less cloudy and a lot brighter!
We will keep on using as we are very pleased with results.

Good morning. Thank you for taking the time to review and sharing your progress with Clarify. We look forward to the next update.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.


This is a great treatment product to try for dogs with SLO. I am so happy to have found this product. Thank you


Thank you for supplying this product, it really helps with having everything all in one capsule for my Maltese with SLO. It is early days to be able to comment on its effects but I am very hopeful. Please keep supplying this. I don't think other owners are aware that this is supplied.

Thank you for your feedback Jean, we are really pleased to know we're helping your Maltese with SLO. Thank you for letting me know that this should be 5 stars not 1 as well.
Best wishes from Ace Canine.


Excellent in getting the product, unfortunately our boy doesn’t like the taste as we open the capsule up and sprinkle it on his food.
There isn’t actually much in the capsule either and also there is no where stating how much Nicotinamide is in the actual capsule as we need to know the strength of the product for the dog, having just been diagnosed with SOL we need to know as currently getting it through the vet, he couldn’t find it anywhere either.
I’m sure most pet owners think they are giving 350 mg but there isn’t a proper breakdown of how much is in each capsule.
Sorry but won’t be using this product again unless problem resolved.

Fiona, thanks for taking the trouble to give us this feedback. I think you have identified an information and dosage issue we need to do something about.
The contents of the capsule are 230mg Nicotinamide, 100mg Omega 3 (eqiv. 800mg fish oil) and 5mg Biotin. I can see that your main concern is Nicotinamide dosage. In the USA the traditional vet's dosage is 250mg/10kg dogs weight daily. Here in the UK it seems to be higher, ranging from 500-750mg/10kg dogs weight daily. There are a number of research papers available on the internet confirming this spread.
Therefore a 10kg dog given one capsule per day will get 230mg Nicotinamide and two capsules 460mg. It is safe to give up to three capsules if one wants to get close to the maximum 750mg.
The dosing levels are not completely linear, bigger dogs do not need proportionally quite so much.
Therefore, in consultation with your Vet you may be able to replicate the required Nicotinamide dosage by adjusting the number of capsules.
We will put this guidance up on the website straightaway and include it in the next label reprint.
Jon (Technical Director, March Laboratories Ltd)

Julia Cleghorn
Marvellous product

I've been giving my very scared rescue dog this for one week and can already see a difference in her. She's not as anxious out walking and calms quicker when we get home. I recommended and shall be ordering again. Thank you, Julia

That's a great update, thank you for sharing your story and progress Julia and thank you for our 5 stars.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.

Good range of products

Product worked well for our dog. Peace of mind that you are giving your dog tried and tested ingredients. Good quick delivery.

What lovely feedback, thank you Nicola.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.


I ordered 2 pots as one of my dogs tends to get plaque on canine teeth. I ordered and almost return of post they arrived. Great service.

Thank you for your happy review Gillian, we really do appreciate the feedback and your orders.
Best wishes
Ace Canine.

SLO support for my Lurcher

These capsules have been life changing for my saluki x greyhound since he started suffering with the auto immune disease SLO. He is now running again, is less depressed and his skin is no longer flaky and dry. Would highly recommend them

Hello Helen
That is just the best review, thank you for sharing your dog's experience and progress with us.
Best wishes
Ace Canine

Best supplement I’ve tried

My elderly dogs are both clearly more flexible & comfortable after using Ace Canine Joint Care. I’ve tried so many supplements that didn’t work & it’s a joy to find one that does. It’s a reasonable price too.

That's put a big smile in our Ace Canine Friday . Thank you for your review and 5 stars. Please give both your dogs a hug from us.
Best wishes
The Ace Canine Team.

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