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Our new superbiotic

- for nose to tail health!


Postbiotics - the future of gut health and immunity

Postbiotics -a new future

Postbiotics are dual action

A 65% Uplift in Health Scores

Some questions you may have
At what age and for how long should it be used?
You can give Epimmune from 6 months onwards. Most people consider you should give biotics for life. Economics apart, the benefits improve quality of life at any age.
What’s the best diet to feed with Epimmune, should I still give Greek yoghurt for friendly bacteria?
There is no real need to change your dog's diet to fit in with Epimmune. Unless of course you need to improve his diet for other reasons. On the question of Greek (or other) Yogurt - the simple answer is no. Apart from yogurts being risky because of most dogs' lactose intolerance, the biotic content in yogurt is not nearly so effective as Epimmune's.
Can it help with leaky bowel and gas?
OK, here we're talking about leaky bowel and NOT leaky gut. The two are very different. Leaky bowel caused by neurological problems or by parasites will not respond to Epimmune. However if the symptoms are caused by intestinal inflammation then, yes, Epimmune will help settle the digestive tract down. You should also expect your dog to be considerably less gassy as his gut health improves on Epimmune.
If I give my dog Epimmune will it stop it developing auto-immune disease like diabetes or IBS?
Diabetic dogs find it difficult to digest and absorb all the goodness from food you give them. It is harder for them to regulate their sugar and insulin levels as well. IBS is an inflammatory response and does damage the gut flora. Biotics are known to help diabetic dogs and those suffering with IBS because they improve the gut's bacteria and because they help prevent over reaction of the immune system.
What symptoms will Epimmune help with?
So many! I'll list a few that came up in the research and owner trials; poor mobility, loose stools, wind, bad breath, itching, shedding, dull coat, loss of appetite, nervousness and poor sleep were examples of everyday symptoms that improved.
My dog is on prescription medication for itching is it safe to give Epimmune?
Yes it is. Epimmune will not interfere with any prescription meds at all. You may even find that you don't need your anti-itch meds after a couple of months on Epimmune.
Will it clean my dog’s teeth as well as improve bad breath?
Epimmune will improve the oral biome - reducing bad infectious bacterial colonisation that leads to tartar formation.
Will it help my dog lose weight?
Epimmune will not in itself affect weight loss or gain. But owners in the trials of the postbiotic reported both increased mobility and appetite!
Does this replace Omega3 supplements?
Epimmune will reduce overall inflammation much like the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA do. However we do not see a clinical case for discontinuing these supplements.

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