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Dermal o3 - Advanced natural support for itchy skin and OLS nails in dogs

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The sound of a dog constantly scratching can be as irritating as nails on a blackboard. But don’t blame your dog for these annoying habits — a skin condition is probably the cause. Possible triggers range from parasites and allergies...


The sound of a dog constantly scratching can be as irritating as nails on a blackboard. But don’t blame your dog for these annoying habits — a skin condition is probably the cause. Possible triggers range from parasites and allergies to underlying illness

You may well wonder if there is anything more you can do to relieve your dogs itching. Well now there  is! 

Dermal O3  is a breakthrough product that supports your dog’s immune system from within using three clinically proven natural ingredients in combination together for the very first time. 

It is important to eliminate parasites as the source of irritation. You may need to see your Vet if you can’t identify this for yourself.

Once parasites are eliminated persistent itching may be effectively managed by supplementation with a natural alternative designed for long term use, without side effects, such as Dermal O3.

Skin care in West Highland White terriers


This breed in particular benefits from skincare support.  About a quarter of Westie’s surveyed needed skin care and management. Males more so than females.


The ingredients in Dermal O3 have scientific research behind them and are naturally occurring

NicotinamideA soluble form of vitamin B3, is an immune suppressant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory

Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHAResearch has clearly indicated that above average concentration of these fatty acids, found only in fish, improves cell wall efficiency in the skin. 

Vitamin H, also called biotin;  It has been demonstrated that when present in large concentrations (5mg/10kilo body weight) then skin health and hair and nail growth is dramatically increased.

SLO - Symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy


If your dog is continuously having paw and claw related issues, he may have a condition known as lupoid onychodystrophy. It is an auto-immune condition that affects your dog’s nails and paws.



It is a serious and painful affliction that requires Veterinary intervention, usually anti biotics followed by supplementation.

Dermal O3 provides support for dogs with this condition. It contains the main three supplemental ingredients used by Vets: Nicotinamide, Fatty Acids and Biotin.



Dermal O3 ‘s ingredients are guaranteed all natural and free of side effects



Feed one capsule for every 10kg of your dog’s body weight, per day, alone or with food, 


Salmon Fatty Acid Extract  (Omega3 phospholipid) – 100mg/capsule

Dermal O3 skin care is the ONLY Omega-3 skin supplement with the Fatty Acids DHA/EPA in a biologically active, phospholipid form – as they naturally occur in salmon (not chemically altered) ensuring  that they travel to the skin cells and are incorporated in the cell walls with up to 50 times greater bio-availability than all other Omega 3 oils.

One capsule is the equivalent of 4-6 ml of liquid oil. Extracted by a chemical-free process using natural enzymes and  cold water. Exceeds both European and U.S. standards for purity – no concerns with toxins or contaminants

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) – 200mg/capsule

A soluble form of vitamin B3, Nicotinamide is multifunctional as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and immune system modulator. When present in exceptionally high levels has been fond to soothe itchy skin in and soothe damaged claws.

Vitamin H – 5mg/capsule

Vitamin H, also called Biotin is needed in very small quantities indeed to achieve normal functions. However it has been demonstrated that when present in large concentrations (5mg/10kilo body weight) then skin health and hair growth is dramatically increased.

Algae extract (source of trace elements)

Zinc Gluconate (zinc deficiency can lead to poor skin and hair)


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Dermal o3 - Advanced natural support for itchy skin and OLSnails in dogs
90 capsules - £17.94
  • 90 capsules - £17.94

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Francesca Webb
I ordered the Dermal 03 and Flex…

I ordered the Dermal 03 and Flex Jointcare tablets for my dogs. I have only just started them on this so it is too soon to say if there has been any improvement. The products arrived very promptly and I found the details on the website very informative.

Karen Poole
Happy JRT again!!!!!!

I have a JRT who has cost me a fortune in vets bills, next step was a specialist 120miles away!!! I was recommended you by a good friend. I emailed you Millie's problems, received a prompt email back and then a free sample, so now, placing an order. Millie has almost stopped itching and licking at her legs, which I really did think was never gonna happen. Also off all the tablets that the vets had tried her with. Thank you very very much again.

Angela Williams
Excellent healthcare for pets.

I have been using dermal 03 for a few months now and have no problems with my bichons skin now. Previously we were back and fore to the vets.

K E Johns
Products that work and great service!

I have a Jack Russel who gets very itchy in the summer and Ace Canine's Dermol - O3 really helps him. A short while ago we ran out and after 3 days without Dermal -O3 he was super itchy again. I ordered some more which arrived the next day and almost immediately saw an improvement. His skin goes from feeling hot to my hand to feeling cool to touch and he stops scratching so much. Will make sure I don't run out again!

shirley brooks
super fast service, ordered one day arrived the next

have only been using the dermal 03 for just about a week but i can see a difference, what was once a very very itchy wee dog is now just an itchy wee dog so with a bit more time things should have cleared up. these tablets may just be a godsend and will definately be purchasing more. thanks :)

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