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Epimmune ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Something To Treat The Cause Not The Symptoms

Epimmune   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Something To Treat The Cause Not The Symptoms

Every day at Ace Canine is a good day but its updates like this that create huge smiles here. 

We were first introduced to this handsome Goldie in February '24 with many allergy based symptoms including persistent scratching, sore ears, a poor and smelly coat condition and worst of all an unhappy dog.  He's been taking Epimmune to support, calm and boost his immune system for around five months, you can read the feedback below.

From Lauren regarding Epimmune.

Firstly, the service you receive is second to none. The team are amazing and will go above and beyond to support you and your pets. I started the year with a dog who was covered in rashes and cuts from allergies. It was recommended by the vets that he go on on an immune suppressant and would possibly need it for life. He was uncomfortable and on edge all the time. His coat had an unpleasant smell and texture and I couldn’t keep his weight stable. After being on Epimmune for a couple of months the rashes on his skin have calmed completely. Scratching has reduced considerably, his coat has a shine back and the unpleasant smell has gone. He has calmed, showing he is no longer uncomfortable, and will allow me to check him over and groom him. His weight is stable, his bowels are regular and I have my happy boy back. I can’t thank the team enough, Epimmune has meant that his symptoms have subsided whilst his immune system has been boosted, rather than suppressed.
Epimmune can help with digestion issues including gas, diarrhoea, bad breath, dental health and stool quality. There's a dedicated digestion page here  https://www.ace-canine.com/pages/epimmune-digestion
For dogs with allergies, skin conditions, itching, sore ears and paws, anxiety and so many more symptoms that originate from the digestion have a look at  Epimmune
The Ace Canine team enjoy a question you can reach us by phone 0118 9842871 there are real humans that answer, by email to support@ace-canine.com or though our website www.ace-canine.com.   Find out what we do, how we can help and join the Ace Canine family.
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