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Puppy Crumble Update from Guide Dogs

Puppy Crumble Update from Guide Dogs

Crumble is the Guide Dog puppy Ace Canine help to sponsor, her training is well underway this is her update from Guide Dogs HQ.


Hello, it’s Justine here, Crumble’s Puppy Raiser.

Crumble’s making terrific progress and has grown so much. She’s a very laidback, easy-going pup who is also confident, and her confidence is really beginning to shine.

She’s not always the cuddliest of pups, but she loves to play. Her toy box is her favourite toy. She enjoys emptying it every day and is specific about which one she takes out and in what order. It’s so funny to watch! Crumble also loves the blanket that she’s had since she was born. She carries it around in her mouth and often brings it to the front door to greet people. 

Crumble has lots of puppy pals. Her best friends are Chester, a cocker spaniel and Austin, a cockerpoo; they meet up regularly. She’s also made friends with other guide dog puppies in training at puppy classes.

Learning lots 

Crumble can be a little stubborn sometimes, but she’s making great progress in her training! We’re working on gradually increasing the time Crumble stays in each cue position until she hears the release cue. This teaches her to focus and helps improve her self-control. For example, following the cue ‘sit’, Crumble waits until she hears one of the release cues ‘finish’ or ‘okay’ before getting up.

At this stage in Crumble’s journey, because she’s still young, everything we do is about building up a bank of skills and experiences that will prepare her for her future career. This includes perfecting her cues and helping her become a well-rounded pup. We’re working on food manners too, and she always sits patiently and waits for the ‘okay’ cue before tucking into her meal. 

Skills such as loose-lead walking are ongoing, and she’s doing wonderfully. Crumble has taken an interest in birds and other dogs. She mainly gets distracted on free runs by them both. I’m focusing on managing her distractions and recall, and she’s getting better with time. To tackle her dog distraction, I’ve been introducing Crumble to older and calmer dogs as this encourages her not to get as over-excited. 

Out and about 

Since your last Pupdate, I’ve been exposing Crumble to a range of different environments and experiences. She’s been to a fire station and accompanied me to fundraising events and talks, as I’m also a speaker for Guide Dogs. These talks can include visits to local Brownie and Guide groups and primary schools. She loves children and was patient with them as they took turns to give her some fuss.

She’s also been to pubs, restaurants, cafés, my son’s football matches and even The Shard in London! Crumble takes everything in her stride. She’s inquisitive at first, especially around new noises, but quickly settles once she realises all is well. She’s also been to the beach and had the best time splashing around in the waves and running along the sand! 

Looking ahead 

In the coming months, I’ll introduce Crumble to different forms of public transport, as this is important for her potential future career. I’ll also concentrate on her distractions with birds and dogs, especially on free runs, which I’m sure will improve with age. 


Crumble with her handler in a shop looking at flowers


We look forward to the next Crumble update later in the year.  You can find out more about Guide Dogs their work, training and sponsorship opportunities at Sponsor a Puppy

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