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Storm's Super Story.

Storm's Super Story.

We’d like you to introduce you to Storm the greyhound. His owner allowed us to share his story because he’s a Star ⭐️ not in a Hollywood kind of way but we think he’s heading towards super hero status.

Beverly says.

“Storm came into my life a year ago and he’s been my rock he’s always glued to my side but he can sense when I’m not coping well and becomes even more stuck to me, he follows me everywhere and is always there when I need a cry or just need to talk he is there snuggled up to me quietly, allowing me to cry.


I know how bad my mental health can get, depression wise, before Storm I would spend days curled up in bed not wanting to be here, with Storm I’m out and about every time he needs exercise or his toilet breaks, he’s faithfully walking beside me. Now whenever I have a bad day, I’m outside with my Storm in nature just being in the moment with him. I’ve also met so many lovely people and their dogs through him. So, my dark days are getting further away. I’ve always believed that our pets choose us and that they come into our lives at just the right time.


Storm is also a blood doner for the pet blood bank. He goes to the kennels at the greyhound trusts branch we got him from every 8 weeks. Where he gets to be with his first mummy his greyhound racing trainer and his second mummy his rehoming kennel manager. He absolutely adores being there I get dragged up the path his tail going like a windmill as he greets the kennel manager by nearly knocking her over for cuddles and then I’m dragged up a bit further when he hears his ex-trainer the excitement is even greater for her and her daughter. If you could see the love, he has for these 3 incredible people it would melt your heart. He even tries his best to get to his racing kennel.


The excitement he gets when he sees the blood bank team he absolutely loves his job of donating. He really is incredible everyone who meets him fall in love with him.


He loves everyone all ages and personalities. He has made friends with a little toddler who was very nervous around dogs, sadly they emigrated but if she ever saw him, she refused to move until she could give him a cuddle and fuss.  He’d just stands there he automatically knows who needs a calmness almost to ignore them  knowing when he can be a bit playful to fully playful.  He also loves going to my mum’s care home meeting everyone there, letting them fuss him or just gently laying his head on a lap.


I have a mobility scooter I use whenever I need to go out. I was worried if he would walk with me or if he’d be getting too close to the wheels. But from day one he understood what to do I’ve never had to teach him anything. Even navigating barriers, he knows where to put himself so I can manoeuvre without running over his feet. Even getting into our flat he knew he wouldn’t be able to walk in by my side so he walked behind my scooter where I’d go through the door keeping it open so he can slip into communal hallway and he then positions himself by my door so that I can reach to open the door.  He’s also a goofball so he’s always making me laugh with his antics he’s an over grown puppy at times, zoomies in the flat being a greyhound it’s literally ‘clear the decks”


Beverly contacted Ace Canine for help with Storm’s lameness due to a historical hock injury.


Beverly continues:

Flexcel is working like a dream even his trainer said how the swelling has gone down you can hardly tell the difference. And not only that he wants to jog alongside me the majority of his walk even breaking out into a slow canter. A slow canter because even that he is ahead of me. He shows no signs of limping and is living and loving life thanks to your incredible Flexcel capsules. His trainer said he is in fantastic condition she said he looks so fit, his coat is literally gleaming.  So, I want to thank you for making these capsules they are magical, and I have to admit that I bought them hoping that they’d help a little, but never did I ever dream that Storm would go from limping heavily with his hock being so swollen to this, I thought nothing natural would do much. How wrong I was to have his ex-trainer amazed by his non limping, his overall fitness and coat and his love of life is all down to not being in pain and not having a badly swollen hock. You’ve given my Storm his love of life back and he deserves this so much. 

I can’t wait for his vet to see him again even now on his 3rd bottle of Flexcel with improvement ongoing especially after trying to make me put him on strong pain meds that he didn’t need. It makes me worry how many other beloved pets are on medication for pain and swelling when they might not need to be.


So, Storm sends you his very special Stormy cuddles and I send you my best and I’m truly so grateful. I’m sorry it’s a long reply but I just wanted to show you how thankful I am for giving my Storm his love of life back again.”


Thank you for allowing us to share your story, Beverly.  I think sometimes we forget the positive impact pets especially dogs have on mental health, their joy and love of life even on the darkest day makes such a difference. The bond you have with Storm is truly special and we think he's a star, he definitely landed on all four paws the day he came to live with you.

Sending our best wishes.


  The Ace Canine Team.


Details of the Pet Blood Bank can be found here: Pet Blood Bank 

Information on pets and mental health can be found here: Mentalhealth.org

Find out about Ace Canine's Flexcel Capsules 

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