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Friends of Ace Canine Supporting The Pet Blood Bank.

Friends of Ace Canine Supporting The Pet Blood Bank.

We received this email from our friend Wendy.  Please read and see if you and your dog can help.


Dear Team Ace Canine

Just wanted to thank you for sharing information on the services of  the charity Pet Blood Bank on the Ace Canine blog.  Having been a dog owner for many years I was totally ignorant as to canine blood groups & where the blood supplies come from when needed.

Having read your article, I contacted the Pet Blood Bank & went and volunteered in an Admin role at one of the sessions. It was a fun & interesting day – I got to greet all the donors and their owners, weigh the dogs, check their paperwork & escort them to the treatment rooms.

After their session I awarded them with their toy and treats, took their photo, and gave them a special gift if they had reached a donation milestone. The team kindly allowed me to sit in on one of the one of the health checks & donation sessions. What surprised me the most, was how relaxed the dogs were & how quick the process was. The visit for the donors took around 45 minutes in total and the actual donation around 5-10 minutes. 

The Pet Blood Bank team were lovely, and the doggie donors all received lots of attention, fussing & treats throughout the whole process & all had a great time!Potential donors must weigh more than 25Kgs, be fit & healthy and between 1 & 8 years old & I would encourage owners with dogs that match the criteria to consider investigating their dog becoming a donor, and also encourage all dog owners to check out the website at www.petbloodbankuk.org/welcome  & spread the word about the fantastic & important work the Pet Blood Bank does.


Thank you Wendy for sharing your experience with us and a big thank you to the Pet Blood Bank team for all you do.

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