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Crumble News. The Guide Dog Puppy Ace Canine Sponsor.

Crumble News.  The Guide Dog Puppy Ace Canine Sponsor.

We are delighted to share the photos and video of the Guide Dog Puppy Ace Canine help sponsor, the lovely Crumble.


Hello, it’s Justine here, Crumble’s Puppy Raiser.

Welcoming Crumble

Crumble walking closely with her handler on the pavement

Crumble is the 10th puppy I’m raising and the first female ever! Before she arrived, I was already raising another sponsored puppy, Basil. They soon became like brother and sister. She settled really well at home, and everything’s been easy from day one; she enjoys snoozing in her bed beside Basil’s.

Crumble’s lovely. She’s always shown self-confidence and knows what she wants, especially when she plays with Basil. When family and friends visit, she gets so excited. She’s very affectionate and friendly to everybody.

Crumble loves her soft toys, she often plays with her cuddly teddy bear. She’s always carrying it around and showing it to anyone who comes into the house.

New things to Learn.

Crumble is quick to learn; she’s very food-focused, and this is wonderful as it means we can use food as part of positive reinforcement to make her training easier. Her recall is good, and she can’t wait to come back to me and receive some yummy treats!

When it’s time to groom her, Crumble and I play the bucket game: when she looks at the bucket full of kibble, I can brush her, when she looks away, it’s time for me to stop.

Crumble is getting there with food manners too. She’s learning to wait for the cue ‘okay’ before she starts to eat – she gets a little too excited at breakfast, and her enthusiasm makes her eat too fast, but for lunch and dinner she eats at a more leisurely pace.

I’m teaching her some cues like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’, and she’s doing great. Next, I’ll be asking her to maintain her position with the cue ‘stay’. She’s a fast learner and I’m sure she’ll shine!

Crumble walks nicely on a loose lead, and she’s recently started to wear a puppy coat – she enjoys going for a walk wearing it proudly.

When Crumble sees cats and squirrels out and about, she looks intrigued and stops and observes them with curiosity; she also seems fascinated by birds flying over her head. I suppose she can’t work out how they got up there!

Crumble free running with a toy in her mouth.

Looking forward 

Crumble and I will be continuing to practise what she’s been learning so far, and I’ll be working on building her confidence in different situations. I can’t wait to visit new places with her and to watch her growing up, just like I did with Basil!

We look forward to sharing more Crumble news in June.

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