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A message your dog might send... if they used technology

A message your dog might send... if they used technology

I’m not great at typing with paws, but I wanted to say a few words of thanks and also share something that AS AN OLDER DOG it's hard for me to admit...


Firstly, THANK YOU. Together we have the most amazing life. Every day is the best day ever with you my tail is always busy. We share so many happy times and I know you’re doing everything you can to take care of me as I get a bit grey around the chops. As you know, I’m getting older, and my body is starting to slow down. They say this starts happening at age 7, but it depends on how bigger dog you are.

And see there’s this issue, I hate even bringing it up … When we were pack animals, showing signs of pain could show weakness encouraging abandonment by our pack. I know you would never abandon me, but it’s an instinct for me to hide pain from you and just be jolly.

It’s hard but what I’m trying to say is that my joints hurt. Sometimes, they hurt a lot especially, when it's cold out, or we’ve been on a long walk. I try to hide it; you might see some signs. I don’t greet you as quickly when you come home now and let you come to me, I can’t easily jump in the car and stairs are very tricky.

My dog group chats talk about something that might help the pain, would you look into it? FlexSprinkle from Ace Canine is very popular, they worry about dogs first and know all about great supplements and the pack say it tastes great, all fishy green lipped mussel in a pot.

See if the word on the dog chats is right, check out www.ace-canine.com and get your old dog learning new tricks.



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