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Which Supplement to Choose for Your Pet?

Which Supplement to Choose for Your Pet?

This question causes a huge debate with dog owners, some of the online conversations can be enlightening and frightening. Our answer at Ace Canine is to understand what you need to achieve for your pet and focus on that area. 

There are many supplements available with huge marketing budgets some offering so many ingredients in cases 40 or more components promising to cover all areas of pet health.  These products do have multiple different ingredients but usually at such a low concentration they’re virtually ineffective.  The guide that ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is’ should be a great starting point.

So, what are you targeting, what does your pet need help with teeth, joint care, cataracts, allergies, wind, itching, runny poo? Then focus and research that area.

Take a moment to review the ingredients, compare them to other products, Google the recommended doses and then before being coerced by the big budget flag waving adverts look again at the feedback and contents.  The products should clearly state full ingredients and amounts, have a contact for questions, a batch and shelf-life date and refer their products to research.  From there read the reviews, compare the prices, and make your choice.

We won’t and can’t tell you what to buy, that’s your decision.  If you’re already an Ace Canine client, you’ll know this and if you’re pondering joining the Ace Canine family soon we promise:


  • Clarity in our products and contents
  • Products manufactured to the highest clinical recommend dose.
  • No fillers
  • Timely response to questions and enquires.
  • We won’t recommend a product for the sake of a sale.
  • Orders received by 15.30 are usually delivered the next working day.
  • Our products are researched and developed in house then packed, and distributed from Ace Canine’s base in Berkshire UK.
  • Ace Canine’s customer Service and products are consistently rated 5 Stars.
  • Orders are processed and packed at Ace Canine HQ not by a third party.
  • Ace Canine answer all questions with honest, science-based and product experience information.


Ready to give us a try… No super expensive flag waving marketing coercion just confidence and total trust in our products and the occasional Facebook post.






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