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Alan Bray – UK Agility Champion On Why He Uses Ace Canine Products.

Alan Bray – UK Agility Champion On Why He Uses Ace Canine Products.

Alan Bray holds legendary status in the world of dog agility as a UK champion handler, judge, and trainer. His knowledge, experience, and dedication to his dogs in this highly competitive field is outstanding.   He explains here why he supplements his fleet of dogs with Ace Canine products.

Alan with his collie called Ticket in his kitchen making dinners for his dogs with Ace canine supplements added.

Alan said:

We chose Ace Canine Products after doing our own thorough research into supplement products.   We have always given our dogs supplements without fully understanding their real value or if some of them could actually work against each other, how much of the product is required to make a difference or even if they were the correct dosage required for the different weight dogs we have. 


So not only do Ace products have the right ingredients especially the Green Lipped Mussel which is far more effective than the Glucosamine and other supplements out on the market we also have the correct dosage amount as well and have seen an almost instant improvement in our dogs both visually in terms of their coats and lovely shiny noses but also in their performance as well.


So, we have now saved on buying all the supplements we used to and just use the Ace Canine products with the peace of mind that we are giving our dogs exactly what they need whether they be active in agility, young or naturally getting older.


I’m also noticing a difference in my joints first thing in the morning since I started taking i-Flex the human version of FlexSprinkle



Alan and Louise Bray supplement their dogs with:

Epimmune – the Ace digestion and gut superbiotic 


FlexSprinkle Joint Care – the strongest Green lipped mussel supplement available.


Trimega – Salmon Sprinkles, Omega 3


Settlers – a natural non drowsy, non-herbal magnesium supplement to help focus some the crew focus.


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