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Epimmune Superbiotic for Dogs - Does what it says on the tub.

Epimmune Superbiotic for Dogs - Does what it says on the tub.

Epimmune Superbiotic for Dogs - Does what it says on the tub.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting feedback on our new Superbiotic Epimmune and we’re delighted to say, as you’d expect from Ace Canine, it doesn’t disappoint.

Some comments so far:

No more smelly bum

I left it nearly 3 weeks before leaving a review on using Epimmune for my Greyhound Betty because I couldn’t believe how instantly it stopped Betty’s terrible smelly bum🤢 and her body smell. It’s worth every penny not having to put up with Betty’s smelly bum and her poos aren’t so soft.
I highly recommend this product.


Coats are shining and softer….

My dogs are drinking a little more, their coats are softer and shining,  my older girl has stopped itching too.


His coat is beautiful…  he’s calmer too…

His coat however has become beautiful. A few weeks ago his coat was overly waxy and smelly. I’ve noticed this week it’s lovely and soft to touch, shiny and there’s no residue that gets left on your hand when you stroke him. I’ve just checked and his breath has also improved hugely. After changing his food his breath was quite frankly nasty! It’s absolutely fine now though. I’d potentially say he’s slightly calmer as well, he had always been one to bark the minute someone walks downstairs, even at the children. This weekend we noticed he only actually barked once, at one of the children, the rest of the time he just carried on laying down. So B seems to have had really positive improvements since being on Epimmune.


Beautiful Shine….

Big improvements in his coat. No more dandruff, he has a beautiful shine to it and it’s really soft.


We’ll share more in the coming weeks but in the meantime have a look at Epimmune the Ace Canine Superbiotic and what it can do to help your dog smile.


Settles the digestion and boosts the immune system for nose to tail health.


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