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Is your dog smiling? 5 star review

Is your dog smiling?  5 star review


We received this super review of our Flex Sprinkles product this week - Thank you Karen.

Is your dog smiling?


Having used these for my Boxer dog many years ago I was only too keen for my daughter to use them when her 9 year old Boxer became reluctant to go upstairs or even outside for her last wee of the day!
After a few days she was like a puppy again and the dog walker asked what she had been given to make such an improvement.
Unfortunately the first pot of Sprinkles ran out without my knowing and it was only when I asked my daughter why her dog looked miserable and appeared slow to move she told me what had happened. Naturally I ordered more (‘kennel pack’ size this time) and within days her dog was bouncing around again and if only a Boxer could smile……….🤣


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