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Dog Safety Code

Dog Safety Code

We are sharing this from the Canine and Feline Sector Group.  https://www.cfsg.org.uk/dog-safety/

All too often dogs are blamed for biting when perhaps the way they are being handled or played with at the time is beyond their tolerance or appropriate. Only this week I reminded my children that putting socks on our dog’s paws may seem amusing for them but really isn’t for the dog and not the way our kind and dedicated four-legged family members must be treated.  I was quickly told I was boring, and the dogs don’t mind which led on to a further chat about how dog bites happen.

The Dog Safety Code encourages everyone to be alert, aware and – most importantly – safe around dogs. 

We are a nation of dog lovers and dogs are often part of the family, so it is vital that both parents and children are equipped with the knowledge they need to enjoy spending time with dogs safely.  

We know that sometimes dog bites can happen because of certain circumstances or because we miss important signals from dogs. Being dog safe and following the Dog Safety Code can help to prevent that from happening.

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