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Vinnie the Villain

Vinnie the Villain

Please Miss - The Dog Ate My Homework!

We undertake to get your order to you within 2 working days although sometimes it seems that your dogs may have a different agenda. A customer recently rang to report that his delivery had gone astray but he was happy to wait a couple more days in case the missing item turned up. I duly checked in with him after last weekend.

This is how the story goes:

Would you believe it but Vinnie my dog had taken the postal slip into his bed and hidden it. It was delivered on the 23rd but only found the slip yesterday (28th) so I now have it. Sorry for the inconvenience he really is a cheeky dog.

Here’s my response

We named our business after a well-loved now long departed dog ‘Ace’. Among other tricks I taught Ace to bring me the post from the doormat. Days went by when no mail arrived, not even the brown window envelopes. Then one day when I was gardening I found a stash of mail buried & the dog hadn’t even opened it first to check whether it was important. We had to organise an exterior post box after that.

And the customer’s reply

Vinnie is a white Staffordshire bull terrier with a brown patch around one eye but I have had words with him and told him if this happens again he will have a black patch around the other eye! I am now in close communication with the postman.


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