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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies


Paws crossed, the warmer weather is coming, it will be a treat to walk our dogs without the mud splatter in the car and up the walls and the need for wellies and waterproofs but for some dogs the warmer weather may also bring grass and pollen allergies.


Chewing their paws, rubbing, and scratching their muzzle, even some head shaking, and runny, sore eyes can all be signs. Other indicators are alopecia- bald patches and over grooming when saliva stains appear on the paws or between toes due to excessive licking.   Our first base is check for parasites and treat accordingly. From there if your dog is very uncomfortable seek veterinary guidance, especially if this is a new problem.

For those managing seasonal allergy symptoms for dogs with itchy, irritated skin Dermal O3 from Ace Canine is natural and safe and based on well proven scientific ingredients. It is focussed especially on calming the immune systems response that causes itchiness and "hot spots”. It is also the number 1 supplement for SLO, the serious nail condition. 

"Thank you for supplying this product, it really helps with having everything all in one capsule for my Maltese with SLO. It is early days to be able to comment on its effects but I am very hopeful. Please keep supplying this. I don't think other owners are aware that this is supplied"  Jean Gomes - Judge.me Review 


  • Dermal targets and dampens the immune system reaction to allergens on the skin, quickly making your pet more comfortable and reducing the pruritus (itching) response.


  • Dermal is a breakthrough product in supporting your dog’s immune system from within; using three clinically proven natural ingredients in combination together for the very first time.


  • Because it is a supplement based on natural nutraceuticals, it is suitable for long term use without side effects and offers a strong alternative to prescription medication.


Take a look at Dermal-O3, advanced natural support for allergy relief from Ace Canine Healthcare https://www.ace-canine.com/products/dermal-o3

SLO support for my Lurcher “These capsules have been life changing for my saluki x greyhound since he started suffering with the auto immune disease SLO. He is now running again, is less depressed and his skin is no longer flaky and dry. Would highly recommend them” - Helen Gates – Judge.me Review


Fabulous ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Although I’ve only been giving them to my dog for about six weeks I can already see his toe nails growing back normally the added bonus with this product for my dog is he suffers with itchy skin, he’s very sensitive and they have helped with both conditions. So far so good very happy customer. Thank you five star plus the customer service is brilliant and have always got time to advise and help 👌🏻✨✨ David Herbert - Judge.me

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