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Joy, Time For A Pupdate

Joy, Time For A Pupdate

Almost a year ago we at Ace Canine decided to sponsor a puppy through Guide Dog Training & here is the latest photo of her, looking so much more grown up.

Joy has spent several months with her puppy walker, a volunteer called Jeanne.  Together they have been out & about; Joy has travelled on buses & trains, done trips on the London underground, even a boat ride on the Thames all without turning a hair.

Apart from exposure to all the sights & sounds of the big city Joy – like any puppy – needs good basic obedience.  She has an excellent recall, loves contact with people & is learning not to be distracted by other dogs.

The next step in Joy’s journey to becoming a fully qualified guide dog is called early training.  She will spend four or five months with a Guide Dog Trainer learning the basic tasks that any guide dog needs to master.  The final step in training will be spent with a Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor during which time Joy will learn extra skills specific to her new owner’s specific needs.

I look forward to the next progress report.

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