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Alternative Treatment For Cut Stopper Pads??

Alternative Treatment For Cut Stopper Pads??

Passim Final Frontier – aka the Meerkat, pet name Fey. (The dictionary definition for fey reads as follows – Having or displaying an otherworldly, magical, or fairylike aspect or quality.)

Anyway Miss Fluffy Knickers recently suffered a minor injury, I noticed that her front right stopper pad was cut & bleeding. Fey did not seem unduly concerned so several days passed before I took her to see Stephen my Vet. We saw Stephen at 10.30; he took one look & said “Right we’ll take that piece off, come back to collect her at 2.00 p.m., she’ll be fine again by tomorrow.” And, fortunately, she was!

I confess that when I collected Fey the receptionist gave me an A4 sheet listing all the usual precautions. Madam however had her own strong opinions about keeping quiet, receiving half rations, lead walking, wearing the cone of shame etc so I’m afraid most of those instructions were totally ignored.

My son’s dog Peak (a German Short-haired Pointer)had a similar injury only three weeks earlier but her Vet took an entirely different approach. Peak’s stopper pad was more deeply cut than Fey’s and her Vet decided it needed stitching. Unfortunately the stitches had to be redone twice more & staples were also used so Peak did need to be on restricted exercise until the wound healed.

Similar injuries, different vets but all very interesting if you’re a dog owner.

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