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New Product Launch ⭐️ Epimmune Superbiotic ⭐️ for Dogs

New Product Launch  ⭐️ Epimmune Superbiotic ⭐️ for Dogs

Our latest breakthrough product Epimmune settles the digestion and boosts the immune system. 

Postbiotics are the future of canine gut health and immunity.

Supported by science, with multiple research studies* in dogs, our postbiotic ingredient, Epicor®, has proven to give major health benefits

Broad spectrum health improvement is to be expected of course. But the results surprised researchers.                                                   

After 60 days the trial dogs showed a 65% uplift in overall health scores. *  Improvements were shown in:
  • digestive health
  • dental health
  • shedding
  • mobility
  • immunity
  • itching,
  • sleep
  • stool quality
  • coat shine 
  • appetite


The biggest surprise was in lower breath odour and in reduced anxiety.

Postbiotics are dual action

Epimmune superbiotic delivers more than just a healthy well-balanced digestive system. It works fast to create a healthy immune system as well.
The majority of your dog’s immune system is in their digestive system. It is here that the biome produces the myriad of health nutrients and specialist cells that the immune system transports around the body. Epimmune is the natural way to boost your pet’s overall wellbeing - From Nose To Tail.
As you expect from Ace Canine, Epimmune contains the highest grade ingredients at optimum supplementary dose presented as a highly palatable powder, as a guide just one level scoop for a 10 to 20kg dog should be sprinkled over food once a day to boost good bacteria.  Prepare to say goodbye to diarrhoea, gas and bad breath and hello to a calmer more relaxed dog with great digestion and gut health.
We are excited to welcome Epimmune to our range of highly successful Ace Canine Healthcare supplements.
You can find out more about Epimmune on our website or email with any questions to: support@ace-canine.com                                                                     
*(In-Home Validation of EpiCor® Pets Postbiotic Supplement Efficacy in Dogs. Cargill plc)
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