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Congratulations Alan Bray and Ticket at Crufts 2024

Congratulations Alan Bray and Ticket at Crufts 2024

Crufts was extra exciting for the Ace Canine team this year because of our connection to Agility & Alan Bray in particular. 




It can be a long process to reach the dizzy heights of Championship level in Agility & then to qualify for the big shows like Crufts takes even more commitment, hard work & skill. 

Alan has qualified on numerous occasions previously, with dogs of different sizes & of different breeds.  He was described as ‘part of the furniture’ by one commentator!  His canine partner on this occasion was Agility Champion Devongem Blade Runner at Upanovatigers, aka Ticket, a black & white Border Collie. 


Alan qualified for two competitions, Large (refers to size of dog) Singles Agility on the Friday.  Alan won the jumping round & placed 6th in his agility run.  The Final later that day saw Alan & Ticket finish in 4th place overall.  Marvellous!


Alan & Ticket then took part in Large Championship Agility on the Sunday .  They finished 7th in the agility round & 10th in the jumping round.  The top ten dogs were within 1.2 seconds of each other, very exciting to watch.  These combined results took our heroes through to the Large Championship Final where only 5 dogs completed without faults.  Dalton finished fastest, yet again! Alan was third, brilliant stuff. 

Here’s hoping to see them again at Crufts 2025.

Alan and Louise Bray are brand ambassadors for Ace Canine, their dogs are supported by our supplements FlexSprinkle joint care and Trimega omega 3 Salmon oil.  

Congratulations Alan and Ticket  🎉

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