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Teddy's Story - Dermal-O3 and Happy Claws - Happy Paws.

Teddy's Story - Dermal-O3 and Happy Claws - Happy Paws.


We recently received this update from a client about her dog Teddy.  He was so close to losing a toe whilst exhibiting many of the symptoms of SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy).  We're delighted that Teddy has made such super improvements and is living a much more comfortable and happy life.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


"About 6 months ago, we started to see some problems with our French bulldog Teddy's claws. They were starting to split and were looking in a very sorry state. 

Our vet seemed mystified by it, and their only solution was to have him in for an operation to remove part of one of his toes with the claw, so it could be analysed.. This seemed quite brutal to us, and so we looked for an alternate solution.

Fortunately, we came across your product and I'm happy to report that after about 4 months on Dermal-o3, Teddy's claws are almost back to normal. They are looking a lot healthier, with no more splitting or flaking.

Thanks for the product, it saved us a very expensive and traumatic trip to the vets!"


Find out more about Dermal O3 capsules containing  clinical strength levels, 30mg of EPA/DHA here


Dermal O3 - Advanced natural support for itchy skin and SLO nails in dogs - Ace Canine Healthcare 

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