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New Year's Thoughts - if your dog could write...

New Year's Thoughts - if your dog could write...


New Year's Thoughts - if your dog could write...

It’s the time of year when gym membership offers appear in every advert, we’ve received three weight-loss group leaflets through our door in the last few days and spam email suggests we need new discounted walking boots ready for our January activities complete with discounted walking clothes too. If our canine family members could write a set of New Year’s Resolutions, we think they might sound a bit like this.

Exercise is truly overrated; sleeping is much better. I’m recommending all of you reinstate nap time to its rightful place (most of the day) Think how much calmer and kinder the world would be if everyone took a nap (or more than one, especially on the sofa) during the day!

Take time to relax. Humans take everything too seriously. Do you see me sniffing about interest rates or woofing at utility bills? No! The only thing I stress about is someone to top up my tummy with nice food and ensure there’s a never-ending supply of the belly rubs.  Did you ever think that if we took the heads of government asked them nicely to lay on their backs, and gave them belly rubs, the world would be a much calmer place? Seriously, can you name one issue that can’t be solved with an enthusiastic belly scratch?

Exercise is truly underrated.  I’m a bit confused about this one, the napping bit is really important but so is walking, finding new smells, investigating new places and doing it really quickly so your human on the end of the lead must run to keep up but this guidance changes when it’s raining, then you must exercise, smell, walk and investigate as slowly as possible taking time to sit and ponder the world as you do so.


Give lots of love (see time to relax and belly scratches above) We live in a mostly happy world, but humans do some stupid things. As dogs we just look at humans, raise an ear or two and tilt our heads. If human owners did a better job giving hugs, licks, and snuggles the world would be a better place (see time to relax and belly scratches again)


Train my owner better. So far, she does a standard level job. She buys me healthy food; she never feeds me treats with chocolate. But I’m like the only one in the family without their own Apple Watch or iPad. How do I tell her I do a better job of sharing than her children do?  When I get a tennis ball, do I keep it for myself? No. I share it, I let my humans throw it over, and over, and over, and over again for hours. Not one person in my family has offered me their iPad so I can watch For the Love of Dogs or All Creatures Great and Small.

Wishing you smiley dogs and busy tails for 2023.


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