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When a Little Extra Help is Needed

Uti-Care - Urinary tract and bladder natural support for dogs

Managing your dog's urinary discomfort

Urinary Tract & Bladder inflammation caused by bacteria can be managed by our natural product UTiCare.

However it is important to seek veterinary help initially because in severe cases an antibiotic will likely be prescribed.

UtiCare can be used in conjunction with antibiotics, as an alternative in milder cases and as a preventative for dogs that are prone to re-infection.

Stronger than others

We have included more of the top three most scientifically effective natural ingredients compared to other brands. In fact we aim to provide the full amount proven in clinical trials

200mg D-Mannose. Scientifically the most important constituent

100mg of Cranberry 25% Proanthocyanidins Extract - way stronger than Cranberry powder alone

50mg N Acetyl Glucosamine

Product Reviews from

Susan Whalley
"Excellent - Due to my vet's negligence at miss diagnosising an UTI, my dog now suffers from incontinence and prone to UTI's. I was prescribed very expensive similar meds from my vet, however I then discovered these which work as well and much cheaper. When ordered they arrive fast and well packed. Very pleased with purchase and service"

Nicola Crampton
Good range of products - "Product worked well for our dog. Peace of mind that you are giving your dog tried and tested ingredients. Good quick delivery"

Uti-Care for Bladder Health & Urinary Tract Infections

Uti-Care for Bladder Health & Urinary Tract Infections

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Uti-Care is a really effective product for dogs that are prone to bladder and urinary problems. It improves bladder and urinary health by reducing the number of bacteria colonising the bladder and urethra walls.  The natural ingredients, all scientifically proven, both strengthen the walls and in addition stop bacteria sticking...


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