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The dog joint pain journey

A balanced take on your dog's joint pain

Joint pain can present in dogs at any age, causes are wide and varied but include injury, stress fractures, hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoporosis, arthritis and general wear and tear ‘old age’. As owners we want the best for our dogs so may be taken on an expensive route through long term medication perhaps before other options and alternatives are considered. Although we agree that supplements can’t replace prescription medicine, we do believe there is a place for them in the management ‘journey’. Prescription anti-inflammatories are often issued for both short term injury management or post-surgery analgesia with Librela usually given via a monthly injection on a long term basis. Although pain relief and comfort is the end goal, long term medications may have other health side effects varying from mild stomach upsets to gastric ulcers and possible kidney damage.

Our mission at Ace Canine Healthcare is to provide proven natural supplements. Our range covers joint care, pain relief, autoimmune and anti-inflammatory products to support dogs and cats. The benefit to natural products is they have no long term side effects and dissipate from the system quickly. The body only retains, processes, and stores the amount of supplement it needs the rest is passed naturally as waste.

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FlexSprinkle-Best supplement I’ve tried.


There are alternatives to the regularly prescribed anti-inflammatories and Librela that your vet should be able to advise you on and offer.  From an Ace Canine perspective Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Our product FlexSprinkle can help your dog or cat cope better with daily life by soothing and supporting joints and therefore promoting mobility and your pet’s comfort. 

FlexSprinkle is an excellent starting point for joint pain and general stiffness, it works very quickly and has excellent results. Another factor on the plus side is FlexSprinkle combines safely and well with prescription medication. Many of our customers have been able to reduce or pause prescription medication whilst using FlexSprinkle, keeping the prescription medications in focus for use as symptoms progress.

For a dog showing signs of stiffness, maybe not jumping into the car, slowing down on walks, limping and general lack of tail wagging a short trial of FlexSprinkle may well be beneficial. If after two to three weeks no visible improvement is made it is unlikely to do so in the long term.

The product reviews and repeat customer purchases speak for themselves. We know we can’t replace prescription medication and don’t imply so, but we do know we can offer a cost effective, proven, serious alternative for consideration. 

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