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Stress-Less Settlers

Fireworks, Car Travel, Separation Anxiety,Life Stress - Especially in some Rescue Dogs, Shows and Competition. Available in both liquid and capsule form Settlers are a natural way to support your dog during stressful times.Settlers does not contain sedative substances or herbs and therefore it can reduce stresses without making your dog drowsy or changing the character of your dog.

A Settlers Happy Story

This is Kali

Kali's Story

My Romanian rescue dog, Kali, was extremely frightened when she came to live with us. Everything in the house and garden was a potential monster.

She stayed in the kitchen, had to be carried outside and wet herself when we attempted a harness and lead. She improved over time as she became more accustomed to it all.

About 6 months ago I was recommended Settlers and I cannot believe the difference in Kali. It took about 2 weeks before seeing a noticeable difference but it has calmed her anxieties enormously. I wish I'd know of it when we first got her.

A huge thank you to Ace Canine from a very happy customer.

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