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Can I feed 'Flex' joint care supplements alongside other joint care supplements?


We hear this question occasionally, and it's probably prompted on some occasions by owners not being sure what is individually the best type of supplement and sometimes because they are trying to get the best features from more than one product. Sometimes the owner may also want something that can be given with, or to reduce the dependency on prescription drugs such as non inflammatory steroids that may have long term side effects.

The first point to make is that as our Flex Jointcare products and FlexCel (Celadrin) are both products based on naturally occurring or naturally present ingredients they are completely SAFE to feed with any other supplements.

The second point to understand is that there is evidence that there is some degree of dose dependency in all joint supplements. This means that if you feed less, you will get less effect. So feeding a less than optimum amount of several types together may mean that you don't get the full benefit of each type, though overall you could still get a good result - you just can't be sure sometimes.

There are however some guidelines that may help you make informed choices about what type of supplements may be mixed with good results.

Non steroidal anti inflammatories that your vet may prescribe for your dog in order to reduce joint discomfort can be safely augmented with all naturally based joint supplements.

The glucosamine/chondroitin based joint supplements are typical. However the Green Lipped Mussel types of joint supplement can show an additional benefit. Research has indicated that the side effects of prescription anti inflammatories may be reduced when used in conjunction with Green Lipped Mussel.

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