We believe that Nature and Science can go hand in hand. We only create products based on sound well accepted scientific evidence and we show this evidence wherever possible.

The active ingredients in our products are naturally occurring and generally come from natural sources. All of our preparations use pharmaceutical grade materials where at all possible, despite their increased cost, guaranteeing the highest possible consistency and bio-activity.

Our products are always the highest quality-which makes them the perfect choice for quality-conscious consumers of nutritional supplements.

Named after a much-loved but long departed border collie, the business Ace Canine Healthcare was born in a roundabout way but accurately reflects the interests and experience of Sheila and Jon the proprietors.

Jon started his working life in animal feedstuffs but for the last 30 years has been involved in many other aspects of industry. Sheila originally trained and worked as a librarian.

Twenty years ago they set up their own business together, March Laboratories Ltd, the parent company of Ace Canine Healthcare.

Dogs have been part of the family for many years, border collies being the breed of choice long before the interest in Agility began. All the dogs have had obedience training and have been introduced to the world via the show ring.

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