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Have you experienced sudden deafness in dogs?

Have you experienced sudden deafness in dogs?

Posted by sheila at 10:24, April 24 2014.

We received a consultation call yesterday from a customer asking about sudden deafness in her Boxer……For the last two years at about the same time each spring her Boxer had become suddenly deaf. T

The Vet could find no cause when this happened in the first year, and the usual suspected causes such as blockage of the ear canal through wax build up was eliminated and the dog was checked for a brain tumour that could have affected the hearing nerves.

Sometimes an infection in the middle ear can give rise to deafness and it is known that side effects from antibiotics and insecticides (used in ear treatments) can cause this symptom, but these were ruled out as well.

Though the dog had the all clear it was good news in a way - but of course there was no treatment that could be given. However the dogs hearing did return after a month or so and it also returned in the second year although it took a little longer.

There is a possibility that this rare condition can be caused by the dog’s autoimmune system reacting and causing localised inflammation of the inner ear. Stimulus of the immune system can be seasonal and temporary. There is evidence of it happening in humans though it’s not yet been proven in dogs.

Our customer decided to try a course of Dermal 03, an anti allergy preparation, this spring to see if that helped at all. We will report here if it shows promise. Do you know of any other causes that you have experienced or seen in dogs that you know? We’d be interested to hear from you.