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Customers often ask us ;- "Which is best, Flex Spinkle granules or Flex tablets?".

Customers often ask us ;- "Which is best, Flex Spinkle granules or Flex tablets?". 


Usually they are trying to make a decision on what is best for their dog, but often the economics of both forms is also a consideration. Sometimes a dog itself has a strong preference, a few won't take tablets easily and a few fussy eaters don't like a sprinkle granule on their food.


So let's start with what is best for the dogs health. Given that the ingredients are the same and will be digested similarly then we can do the maths that will tell us how many tablets equate to one scoop of sprinkle and just what that means:


eg a 10 kg dog  receiving half scoop of Flex Sprinkle per day would need two or three Flex tablets to equate.

     a 20 kg dog  receiving one scoop of Flex Sprinkle per day would need five Flex tablets to equate

     a 30 kg dog  receiving two scoops of Flex Sprinkle per day would need ten Flex tablets to equate



Or another way of putting it is:


A 20 kg dog on the recommended two Flex tablets per day gets 350mg of Green Lipped Mussel extract while the same dog on one scoop of Flex Sprinkle would get 900mg. Clearly since there is a strong element of dose dependancy with Green Lipped Mussel, the dog on Flex Sprinkle gets the better deal.


But does this benefit come at a price? What are the relative costs?


In the smallest pot size (50gm/100tabs) then the cost per day to use Sprinkle or Tablets in the example above is almost exactly the same. However as the pot quantity begins to rise (250gm pots) then in the same example Flex Sprinkle becomes a minimum of 35% less expensive to use than Flex tablets.



Since Flex Sprinkle is clearly better in both the health and economic senses then the only remaining case for Flex tablets is the owners or dogs personal preference. That's why we keep tablets on the range!