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How to monitor the shelf life of your dog health supplements

How to monitor the shelf life of your dog health supplements
Posted by sheila at 10:24, January 24 2014.

The ingredients and manufacturing quality control processes in place nowadays should mean that you don’t really don’t have to worry about the shelf life of your dog health supplement……with just a few exceptions. 

The enemies of long shelf life in supplements are:-  

Going “off” because of bacteria. Usually detected by a change of smell.

Going mouldy through fungal growths from spores

Becoming less potent or effective as a result of oxidation

Becoming rancid as a result of oxidation

With pills, capsules and powder if you keep them dry you will have no problems with keeping your supplement for its full shelf life.  With liquids, which are mainly susceptible to mould growth, then it’s important to replace the cap as soon as possible. Some liquids are better kept in the fridge.

Keep powders, pills, and capsules in airtight containers their own pots are ideal as long as the lid seals properly.

We give a shelf life of 12-18months with nearly all our products.  You can find the best by date on a sticker on the bottom of the packs. The best by date is a guide only;-  the products don’t become unsafe, unlike food, if you go over date.