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Pup’s first season

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“Fey” with one of her playmates Fosse (he’s looking away - doesn’t like the publicity)

Pup’s first season

Poste by Sheila March 21st 2013

Well of course it had to happen (I knew the bitch run on by her breeder had already had hers) but something I was not keenly anticipating with two entire males in the house.

I had really wanted to sign up for a foundation agility skills day but had held back as I suspected the two events might clash.  Luckily though a friend who had booked for the whole day was unable to do the morning session so I jumped at the chance to take her place & we thoroughly enjoyed the training.  That evening pup was rolling around on her back at my feet so I made yet another check of her private parts – lo & behold the first signs were there!

Pup was just short of one year old when this happened so by the time her birthday dawned she was day 10/11.  According to The Book of the Bitch & many people more experienced than I this is the peak time for mating so we kept her inside & separate from the boys for the next week to be on the safe side.  For the first 10 days the boys had not shown a great deal of interest but they clearly wanted to be her special friend at this stage!  

Have to say the boys behaved really well, far better than anticipated.  When they came indoors pup was shut away in another room and/or in a crate.  We had no howling, pacing, loss of appetite, marking etc most of which we had suffered previously with Ace when our older (now spayed) bitch came into season.

Pup was allowed out to play & socialise when possible with our neutered male – under supervision at all times in case an opportunist entire male gatecrashed the garden.  An unanticipated bonus was that pup bonded more with her human family at this time due to the enforced separation from her canine playmates.  We played lots, did some clicker training & learned a couple of new tricks along the way.

By day 19/20 I decided it was safe to walk all the dogs together again & although the males checked the youngster a few times she was clearly not interested in them.

So – we survived.  Will we be so lucky again, will there be a next time?  Watch this space!