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Pill Popping for Pooches

No matter whether it’s time for routine wormers or life saving drugs it can be a tricky task but is yours to master.

Option one: for the foodie types the job is relatively easy.  Simply embed the pill in any favourite soft food such as cheese, frankfurter, raw mince, pate, fish paste or peanut butter & offer as a treat. The unwary will gobble it down - job done.  Vary the disguise as often as necessary to avoid your dog getting wise to the deceit.

Option two: for the suspicious type or those that do not go for treats you may have to do the job manually.  From above try a gentle squeeze half way along the dog’s jaws & most will automatically open under the pressure.  Calmly & carefully lever the jaws wider apart then Insert the pill onto the middle of the dog’s tongue as far back into the mouth as possible.  Hold his jaws closed & tilt his head up slightly.  At this point you may need to stroke the dog’s throat and this will hopefully trigger the swallow reflex.  

Option three: First check with your vet whether or not the pill must be given whole.  If it does not matter you can either use a commercial pill crusher or grind the pill to a powder between two spoons or, using a wide bladed knife, press it down onto a hard surface such as a chopping board.  Next step is either to combine the resulting fine powder with the dog’s normal rations or give it to him in one of the gourmet options as in Option one.

Never forget though, safety first.  If none of the above methods is successful it may be necessary to ask your Vet for a liquid alternative.