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Those Nasty Omega 6 vegetable oils.

Those Nasty Omega 6 vegetable oils.

“What are you talking about? I give my dog a drop of corn oil on his food every day to help his joints and  give  him a shiny coat.”

And so say many of our customers – but are they right? Or are they doing more harm than good?

Modern research in many mammals now shows that excessive amounts of some vegetable oils are actually causes or fuel for a wide range of health complaints.

Amongst them are conditions that can show up as joint problems, circulation and heart problems, reduced immune function and even cancers. At the root of the problem lies the body’s inflammation reaction that can be heightened when too much Omega 6 fat and oil is eaten.

And the culprits with the highest contents of harmful Omega 6’s are the common ones we sometimes associate with good health – Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Soybean and Rapeseed oil.

These oils are cheap to produce and readily available, so it’s no surprise when pet food manufacturers load their recipes with them. Pet food labels often simply quote “vegetable oil” instead of telling us which ones they are. You can bet they are the bad ones!

The only beneficial oils to feed your dog are (in descending order of health benefits):-

Marine oils (Salmon, krill, cod liver, algae)

Animal fats (chicken fat, lard, butter)

Good old Olive oil

Omega 3 rich oils like Flax/Linseed/Borage