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    A Case of Harvest Mites


It’s getting towards the end of a nice dry summer for most of us & therefore ideal conditions for a little known pest to attach itself to our dogs.

Darren, on our regular customers phoned this week to ask advice about buying some Dermal itch relief as his dog had suddenly started gnawing at his feet and legs. We told him he didn’t need Dermal on this occasion as it was probably a case of Harvest Mites.

Harvest mites hang out in long grass & dense foliage, the very places that our canines most want to explore.  “Chiggers” as they are sometimes known are miniscule red insects; it may look as though the skin has been dusted with paprika!

The mites invade the animals’ feet first of all especially the spaces between the toes & then gradually migrate up the legs making themselves at home wherever their host has least coat to the belly & private parts.  Your dog will itch & scratch uncontrollably by this stage.

Best treatment is to use an insecticide spray like Frontline or Virbac & work it in between the toes & right down to the skin in any other affected areas.

Check your dog for these mites should it suddenly start scratching frantically at this time of year. Here’s a good video to show you what you are looking for.