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The Full Monty

Every so often we like to feature the story behind one of our canine customers so here is the latest – introducing The Full Monty!

Monty is a three year old Tibetan Terrier. His parent’s hip scores were  excellent, and his grand father was Araki Fabulous Willy, Crufts best in show 2007. At about 14 months Monty went lame and seemed to be in a lot of pain. He was x-rayed and found to have severe hip dysplasia.

Our vet decided to try a conservative treatment plan that included exercise, anti-inflammatory drugs, hydrotherapy and green lipped mussel. It worked. No surgery needed.

Monty is now a normal dog! Monty is a very happy and active dog who just lives for long walks in the park. He still has the occasional hydrotherapy session - but that is more for us than him, no drugs and he has one scoop of Sprinkle on toast for his lunch every day!

There is no way of knowing what part Sprinkle played in his recovery, but one thing is for sure, he will always take it!

Best wishes,


Monty - adopting a pose

Monty - charging around the garden