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Fire away

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Pappilon Power!

Papillon power!

Just wanted to let you know how amazingly Buddy is doing.
A few weeks ago, during communication with you, you suggested that if he needed it, to increase the Sprinkle from a quarter measure to a half. I did this and the results are truly amazing! This little Papillion has never been a perky and happy in over 4 years. His whole demenour has changed and it is a joy to see. We are off all veterinary prescription drugs, and only on Salmon oil and Flexi Sprinkle. I am shouting it from the rooftops and also spreading the word very loudly! My only regret is that I had not come accross your products years ago, then I could have helped previous four legged friends so much better in thier battle against joint pain.
I would also like to add, that your Plaque-away is also working miracles on Buddy's upper canines that were beginning to show signs of tarter deposit. 3-4 weeks down the line, the brown deposit has literally gone on one tooth, and is rapidly diminishing on the other. I cannot say how relieved I am to have avoided a 'dental' and all it entails at the vets.....wonderful stuff!
I would have liked to put a review on the site re the Plaque-away, but cannot find a way of doing it

This photo might appear to be nothing our of the ordinary, but to me its amazing!  Prior to starting Buddy on Flex Sprinkle he could not have been held and relaxed like this without either whimpering or yelling in pain.........He now actually comes and asks for cuddles which he avoided like the plague before

Thank you sheila and Ace-canine for giving my little friend back a life I though was going to be cut short.
My gratitude is immense.
Su and Buddy