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 1 capsule per day for Westies

New Hope for Skin Allergy Treatment in West Highland White Terriers

Histimine overload causes allergic reactions in Westies skin

Because of potential harmful side effects from some of the more effective treatments, there is increasing interest in using the range of ingredients found in Dermal O3 that have scientific research behind them but that come from safe natural sources. These, just like steroids, cannot cure the hereditary weakness, but  they are designed to strengthen your Westie’s immune system.


A soluble form of vitamin B3, when present in exceptionally high levels has been found to reduce the production of Histamine by Mast cells in the skin. Furthermore it has been shown to thicken the skin by stimulating the number and size of fat cells. Both effects reduce the allergic reaction that causes the underlying inflammation responsible for skin conditions in West Highland Terriers.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA

Research has clearly indicated that above average concentration of these fatty acids, found only in fish, improves cell wall efficiency in the skin.

Vitamin H

Vitamin H, also called biotin, is needed in very small quantities indeed to achieve normal functions. However it has been demonstrated that when present in large concentrations (5mg/10kilo body weight) then skin health and hair growth is dramatically increased.

Mast Cells release histamines when allergen is  encountered

This genetic condition causes the Westie’s immune system to react inappropriately to a number of stimuli that can cause atopic dermititis. These stimuli include yeasts and bacteria present on the skin, allergy causing foods, common chemicals in the home, dust mites and other parasites, pollens etc etc.  It is indeed a long list.

Treatments, which should initially conducted by your vet to identify primary causes are likely to be medicated shampoos, anti-histamine tablets, and steroid tablets and/or creams.

Not to be confused with the general susceptibility to atopic dermatitis there is also an uncommon but severe breed-specific skin condition that may affect West Highland White Terriers affecting both juveniles and adults dogs. This condition is called Hyperplastic Dermatosis. Affected dogs can suffer from red hyperpigmentation, lichenification and hair loss. In the initial stages, this condition can be misdiagnosed as allergies or less serious forms of dermatitis.

The breed is prone to skin disorders. About a quarter of Westie’s surveyed are affected by atopic dermatitis, a heritable chronic allergic skin condition. A higher proportion of males are affected compared to females.

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Excellent Products great service!

I am so pleased that I found Ace Canine Healthcare online, my White Highland Terrier 'Dolly'……  

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Frances Peters

First Class Service

This is the second time I have bought this product from this supplier and I can't rate their service high enough……  

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Pauline Setchfield

A wonderful service

A few weeks ago i emailed for advice on my Yorkshire terrier who has cataracts due to diabetes,  

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Prompt delivery service, good products.

I'd recommend Ace Canine dog products as I've noticed a considerable improvement in my dog since she's been on them..…  

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Lisa Taylor

Advanced natural treatment for allergies that cause itching and scratching in dogs


For Treatment Of Allergic Reactions  caused by                          

House Dust Mites, Mange, Fleas, Ticks, Food Allergies, Pollens and Grasses,  Household Chemicals






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