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Stress is a fixture in our modern lives and increasingly seems to be affecting our dogs too. Occasional stress is not necessarily a bad thing but when it affects your dog’s quality of life you may want to take action and use a dog calmer supplement.  

The science indicates there is or should be a happy balance of natural minerals in the body but that when this balance is upset then erratic behaviours may occur. Such behaviours might show in the form of persistent unprovoked barking,  shrinking nervousness, travelling problems and so on – each dog will show unique reactions to the same stimulus. Stress-less Settlers dog anxiety remedy is so unique that we are constantly being surprised by the range of its applications.  

To date Settlers dog calmer has had positive results not only in helping pet dogs suffering from a wide variety of issues such as dog separation anxiety, travel sickness, over-exuberance, fear of fireworks and noise in general, but also dogs nervous in the show ring and agility dogs which are calm at home but unable to focus at training or in the competition ring.

Settlers dog calmer is not intended as an alternative to good basic handling, education and socialisation of your dog but is a tool to enable you to keep him/her calmer and more focused on the job in hand, whether that job is to be your quiet relaxed companion or your high-energy work or play-mate!

                                       A calm relaxed dog will undoubtedly be a happier dog and his/her owner will be happier too.

ACE- the border collie relaxing with JEEP the cat

Or  just a relaxed well adjusted pet ?


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Dog Calmer  Relieves the Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Insecurity, Loud Noises

Working dog - Focus and Confidence


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