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Your Dog’s Health …….

…………. in your hands

Our dogs health is a lifetime’s commitment

When they are not feeling too bright only we can provide the extra care necessary

We join you in that commitment by continually striving to provide the most effective range of natural science based dog supplements and healthcare products available

Dog Supplements based on Science and Nature..

Our dog healthcare supplements & vitamins based on sound well accepted scientific evidence and we are proud to show this evidence wherever possible. We believe that Nature and Science can go hand in hand and so the active ingredients in our natural dog remedies come from natural sources.

Quality Products for Canine Health..

All of our canine healthcare supplements use pharmaceutical grade materials where at all possible, despite their increased cost, in order to guarantee the highest possible consistency and bio-activity. Our dog supplements and vitamins are always the highest quality-which makes them the perfect choice for quality-conscious consumers who want a healthy dog.

A  wide range of products to enhance your Dog’s Health..

Our wide range of products, researched and developed in our own laboratories includes canine healthcare products for:

  Dog Joint  Supplements  for mobility issues including  canine arthritis and hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs

   Omega 3 supplements for a  wide variety of health benefits for both younger and older dogs


   Treatments for canine allergy symptoms like  itching, scratching, hot spots, atopic dermatitis, hair loss

  Support for  cloudiness  and vision loss caused by cataracts in dogs

  Heart conditions such as heart murmurs in dogs and congestive heart failure in dogs


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